Past Shows: The 1990's

Welcome to Silver Stage Players' seasons past. Throughout SSP's storied history countless hundreds of productions have been staged. Captured in these pages are images and words from past years. Over the years the Silver Stage Players have brought you the best of Broadway hits, the cutting edge of literature and new innovations in live stage theater and performances. The decade of the 1990's. Listed are all the seasons in the 19900's. Simply select a season to review all the happenings and accomplishments of that year.

See behind the scenes and in the spotlight. Look hard perhaps you might see a celebrity or maybe a budding star. We will challenge you...we will compel you....and we shall move you. The Silver Stage Players...we ARE the state of the arts!


Caleb Tapia: stars in the Nevada Sesquitennial production of The Last U.S. Mail Stage Robbery.

caleb tapia: stars in the nevada sesquitennial production of the last U.S. mail stage robbery.

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The 1995-96 Season theme was The Curtain Rises signaling the beginning of a new era for the local theater troupe. After some hiatus the company returned to center stage in the theater community by adopting a new season format and opening the brand new Great Basin College Theater complex.

Damn Yankees
Book by George Abbott and Douglass Wallop. Music and lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross
Directed by: Vicki Rossolo

The long time theater company for Elko was the obvious choice to be featured at a week long celebration of the new venue. After much deliberation a musical was chosen and Damn Yankees was selected. Special showings of the SSP production were held for donors and dignitaries and then for the public during the show's regular run. The musical baseball romp featured Steve Pennino, Verdene Alcorn, and Kelly Moon and was directed by longtime SSP member Vicki Rossolo. The show met with great success and ushered in not only a new era for the college's new theater but a new era for SSP.

Ten Little Indians
Written by: Agatha Christie
Directed by: Penny Urriola

Following the success of Damn Yankees the company produced Agatha Christie's murder mystery Ten Little Indians. The show, held at the GBC Theater, featured the directorial debut of Penny Urriola and the stage debut of several new actors to Silver Stage. Starring Vryl Alcorn, Delmo Andreozzi, Michael Rossolo, Coleen McMullen, Earl Shortridge, Evalina Machetti, and Frank L. Sawyer the show had a six night run and all that attended had a great time.

The Odd Couple (Female version)
Written by: Neil Simon
Directed by: David Seymour and Frank L. Sawyer

The final show of the season marked the directorial debuts of co-directors David Seymour and Frank L. Sawyer. Their joint venture brought Neil Simon's female version of his comedy classic The Odd Couple to the stage at GBC. The show starred Verdene Alcorn and Kimmie Batista as female versions of the classic roles of Felix Unger and Oscar Madison. Also appearing were; Katie Miller, Bill Wolford, Steve Pennino, Robin Simmons, and Karen McCutcheon. The show quickly became the comedy standard for the year.

The 1996-97 Season theme was The Art of Elko keeping with the theme that SSP is the premiere theater organization in Elko.

Great Bus Robbery
Written by: David Seymour and Frank L. Sawyer
Directed by: David Seymour and Frank L. Sawyer

SSP was asked to assist the Stockman's Hotel Casino by staging a bus robbery of international tourists coming to the hotel. The result was SSP's self-penned Great Bus Robbery. Though some of the guests spoke or understood very little English the group seemed to have a hoot at the old west style holdup. Some of those featured in the robbery were Delmo Andreozzi, David Seymour, Gay and Madison Meyers, and Frank L. Sawyer.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Written by: Nancy Rue based on the original story by Washington Irving
Directed by: Stacey Yurmanovic

The Halloween season was ushered in with a children's theater production of a wonderful adaptation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The version written by Nevada playwright, and former University of Nevada classmate of Frank L. Sawyer, Nancy Rue.

The Washington Irving based play was performed at the GBC theater and was directed by Stacey Yurmanovic making her SSP directorial debut. The show featured all the classic Legend characters Ichabod Crane, Bram Bones, the Headless Horseman, and Katrina van Tassel. The unique aspect of this version was the addition of a student prodigy of Ichabod's played by youngster Tommy Goichechia. The show starred David Seymour as Ichabod Crane, Delmo Andreozzi as Bram Bones and the Headless Horseman, and Karen McCutcheon as Katrina van Tassel.

The Music Man
Book, music, and lyrics by Meredith Willson
Directed by: Vryl and Verdene Alcorn

Following the success of Legend, the spring musical was staged at the Great Basin College Theater. The Broadway hit The Music Man, directed by Vryl and Verdene Alcorn and featuring a rare double casting of most of the lead characters, embarked on a 6 show run celebrating the 60th anniversary of the company.

The show starred Delmo Andreozzi and David Seymour in the title role. Supporting the leads were comic sidekicks Bill Wolford and Frank L. Sawyer as Marcellus and many others. The show left audiences tapping their feet and singing all the show's memorable tunes.

Seascape with Sharks and Dancer
Written by Don Nigro
Directed by: Frank L. Sawyer

The season concluded with a summer production of Don Nigro's Seascape with Sharks and Dancer. The play, exploring the intricacies of relationships, was presented in an intimate fashion with a 80 seat in-the-round configuration on the stage at Great Basin College. The ambitious production starred Andrew and Karen McCutcheon. No seat was more than 15' from the stage and those in the front row found themselves in the middle of the action. The show was directed by Frank L. Sawyer and met with both critical and audience acclaim.

The 1997-98 Season- Come Play With Us began with a special Halloween radio presentation of Ted Tiller's Count Dracula. Billed as a "Radio Journey into Horror", the company ventured into their first endeavor at radio theater.

Count Dracula
by Ted Tiller
Directed by: Frank L. Sawyer

Under the direction of Frank L. Sawyer and sound engineers David Seymour and Sean Marx, the company recreated this version of the classic vampire tale for radio listeners on both local stations KRJC 95.3 FM and 1240AM KELK.Starring the vocal talents of leads, Kim Meyers as Dracula, Robin Simmons as Mina Murray, David Seymour as Dr. Van Helsing, Frank L. Sawyer as Renfield, Earl Shortridge as Dr. Seward, Penny Urriola as Mrs. Seward, Sean Marx as Wesley, and Jeremy Firth the production was a huge holiday success.

A Christmas Carol
Written by: Michael Paller
Directed by: Robin Simmons

Following the radio theater production was another holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, with Robin Simmons making her directorial debut with the company.

This version of Dickens' epic tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge and three pesky Christmas ghosts finds Mr. Charles Dickens home with his family and guests on a winter's eve celebrating the season. The idea is proffered to act out the characters of Charles' latest writing endeavor, A Christmas Carol. The family and friends oblige and the wonderful story is spun. Actors take on not only the classic roles but the roles of all the guests and family.

SSP's production was the featured event at Elko's Festival of Trees and was a fund raiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Elko and Riders for the Handicapped. Another testament to the warm heart the company has for the community. Starring Frank L. Sawyer as Charles Dickens/Ebeneezer Scrooge and a cast featuring Kim Meyers, Tommy Goichechia, Bob Colbert, Bill Wolford, David Pitt, Gay Meyers, Madison Meyers, Penny Urriola, Savanah Meyers the show packed the Elko Convention Center.

The shows were such a success it was requested to tour the historic Eureka Opera House beginning what would turn out to be the first of several such mini-tours of SSP shows to Eureka. The A Christmas Carol Eureka Tour, featured a smaller staged version but with all the regular characters. The cast moved in on Friday and gave an inspired performance for a generous audience the following evening. The performance was used also for a fundraiser for the Friends of the Eureka Opera House Fund. Host Wally Cuchine was a hoot to work with and made our stay in Eureka a memorable one.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Book, music, and lyrics by Rupert Holmes
Directed by: David Loughney

The season concluded with another original Dickens' piece, the Broadway multiple ending murder musical The Mystery of Edwin Drood. A script featuring seven different endings depending upon audience voting, Drood is the story of a bawdy English theater company performing the yet unfinished piece since Mr. Dickens found himself quite dead before he could finish the play. Featuring the voice and acting talents of Bill Wolford as Mayor Sapsea, Delmo Andreozzi, Robin Simmons, David Seymour, Frank L. Sawyer, and Katie Miller, the show was produced at the Great Basin College Theater and was met with rousing applause on its six day run. The featured orchestra was headed by Kathy Colbert and featuring local area musicians. Taking the reigns of the musical romp was director David Loughney.

The 1998-99 Season- The Play's the Thing featured thought provoking drama, the best of children's theater and the company's largest and most lavish production in it's 60+ year history.

My Emperor's New Clothes
Written by: Larry Shue
Directed by: Stacey Yurmanovic

The season began with My Emperor's New Clothes the summer children's theater workshop production. Directed by Stacey Yurmanovic, the show starred John Meyers as the sans clothing king. The show was produced at the Great Basin College Theater and was met with rousing applause on its four day run.

Talk Radio
Written by Eric Bogosian
Directed by: Frank L. Sawyer

Following the children's triumph, was SSP's dark look at nighttime radio Talk Radio by Eric Bogosian. The haunting and controversial look into talk show host Barry Champlain's personal and professional life left audience members exhausted and talking about the show well after its six day run closed.

Directed by SSP actor/director Frank L. Sawyer and starring Tim de Bisschop as Barry the show was a daring step forward for the local theater company. Featuring SSP veterans and newcomers David Seymour, Bill Wolford, Julie Hughs, Greg Martin, J.P. LeSpade, Earl Shortridge, Kimmie Batista, Pat Palmer, and Christie Burgess.

Making the production such a hit was the sense of realism provided by the company in the set and technology used for the show. A special "magic box" was constructed to link working telephones through the GBC Theater sound system making callers into Barry's show as real as possible. Back projected images on the set were used to further character development and actual working radio station audio equipment was used for yet more realism.

Listen carefully to the commercials and other radio noises and you just might hear the voices of many local celebrites and city officials., his honor Mayor Mike Franzoia, local radio celebrities, Stacey Yurmanovic and Lori Gilbert, Great Basin College Theater Professor John Patrick Rice and many others.

The show was such a hit it was asked to extend its run as a touring production at the Eureka Opera House.

The Wizard of Oz
Music by: Paul Tietjens and A. Sloane.
Lyrics and book by: L. Frank Baum.
Directed by: Vyrl and Verdene Alcorn

The season concluded with the grandest production ever undertaken by the company. With a cast of over 100, Vyrl and Verdene Alcorn directed a visually stunning version of The Wizard of Oz. The massive endeavor was conducted at the 900+ seat Elko Convention Center to sold out crowds of delighted theater-goers.

Arguably the biggest musical event of the year, Oz starred Delmo Andreozzi as the Tinman, Denny Goodenough as the Scarecrow, Tara Gibson as Dorothy and Steve Pennino as the Cowardly Lion.

The season saw a great many members involved with a number of performance groups. That coupled with a change in production dates for The Zoo Story saw only two shows produced for the 1999-2000 season. The theme for the season A2K Celebrate Arts 2000 reflected the spirit of the new millennium and the future of Silver Stage Players looking more and more promising.

The Soup Stone
Written by: Trevor Donnelly adapted from the original European folk-tale
Directed by: Robin Simmons

Beginning in the summer SSP's presence was felt. Asked to contribute to Elko's second annual Celebrate Elko Days Festival, the local company staged the parable-like, The Soup Stone outdoors at the Elko City Park.

Directed by Robin Simmons and starring Frank L. Sawyer as the Traveler, The Soup Stone tells the story of how a witty and wily Traveler who takes advantage of an unwitting family while raising their spirits and feeding his own empty belly. Other cast members included Amy Nisbet, Michael Andreozzi, Kimmie Batista, and Amanda Batista.

The Zoo Story Eureka Tour
Written by: Edward Albee
Directed by: Frank L. Sawyer

Staged at the quaint coffee shop, Cowboy Joe's Eastside and hosted by our great friend, shop owner, and fellow SSP'er Pat Palmer, the second show of the season was Edward Albee's The Zoo Story.

The edgy production was directed by Frank L. Sawyer and featured the acting talents of Kim Meyers as Peter and Tim deBisschop as Jerry. The two veteran SSP'ers brought to life Albee's ode to the great lengths humans will go in order to be understood.

The run was presented in an intimate 40-seat in-the-round fashion and was conducted as a dry-goods fundraiser for the Committee Against Domestic Violence's Harbor House. Over $300 in food products was raised for C.A.D.V.'s primary victim's shelter.

Closing night featured an extra-special ending in which Kim accidentally cut his hand and was actually bleeding on stage rather than fake red stuff. WOW...give up the body for the sake of the show way to go Kim! The success of the show's run resulted in an invitation to tour the play in Eureka, Nevada. The resulting Eureka Opera House Tour hosted by another wonderful friend, Wally Cuchine. The show was performed with the beautiful historical site as its backdrop, ushered in the 2000-01 season.







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