Delmo Andreozzi and Amy Nisbet in I Do! I Do!The Silver Stage Players, SSP, wants to be your creative and artistic avenue.

By joining SSP you get to mingle with other like souls, technicians, dancers, actors, directors, musicians, radio theater fanatics and the like. Membership in the Silver Stage Players does not cost anything. We just want your involvement, your time, energy, and imagination. We want to be your artistic and creative outlet. Your theater! See...

By being a member of SSP, you can help mold and change and plot the future of theater in northeastern Nevada. As a member of the most dynamic theater group in northern Nevada, you have a vehicle and an opportunity to say what you want theatrically be it through directing, design, performance or production! Hear what people are saying about us!

Want to meet a member of our company? You can always simply E-MAIL us too!

So join NOW and become a member of one of the most innovative, cutting-edge, think-outside-the-box arts groups in northern Nevada!







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