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As often as we can we like to feature little profiles of various members of the Silver Stage Players. Since we truly are a 'community' theater group our members come from many diverse backgrounds and possess many different talents both in and out of the theater realm.

Our cast profile this month features our new Board of Directors Secretary. Our company cast profile for the Fall of 2022 features Ms. Sara Walls!

Where were you born?

Where did you grow up?
Around the state. We lived in Round Mountain, Battle Mountain and Lovelock.

What is your nickname, if you have one?
Never had one that stuck.

Favorite restaurant?
I’ve been partial to McAdoo’s lately.

Favorite free thing to do in Elko?
Go for a walk, preferably with something interesting to listen to.

First SSP Show you were in and as what?
Bard in the Yard V as Viola, Rosaline, and Snug.

Favorite SSP show you were in?
Poe & Pints 2021. I was lucky enough to join the cutting crew and participate in another stage of the show’s creation.

Favorite actor/actress and why?
Love a lot, but I think Christopher Lee could have been cast as Dos Equis’s Most Interesting Man in the World, because he had quite the life and career.

Favorite show/play/musical/movie and why?
This may not make it a favorite, but I always meant to write an essay about the parallels between Hedwig and the Angry Inch and The Tale of Kieu.

Favorite theater memory?
Returning to theater after a long absence to find the most wonderfully welcoming, supportive and talented group I’ve ever been privileged to be a part of.

Theatrical role model?
I’m usually most inspired by my fellow actors in whatever cast I happen to be in at the moment.

Fave SSP role or technical assignment?
Ligeia in Poe & Pints 2021, particularly performing The Conqueror Worm.

Favorite non-SSP role or technical assignment?
Madeline in my high school’s production of The Fall of the House of Usher, where I got to startle people by breaking out of a coffin and shrieking off-stage. Excellent preparation for playing Berenice in Poe & Pints 2019.

What are some of your theatrical credits?
I acted off and on in Lovelock, Santa Cruz and Reno, but since starting up again in Elko, I’ve been involved in Poe & Pints 2019 (GLP), All About Women One Acts (GLP), a series of one acts (GBC), A Christmas Carol (GBC), Bard in the Yard V (SSP) and Poe & Pints 2021 (SSP)..

What's in your DVD, DVR, or on Hulu, Netflix right now?
I only caught part of Memory: The Origins of Alien, so now I need to go back and watch the rest.

What book(s) are on your night-stand right now?
Not technically on my nightstand anymore, but I just finished Elvis, Marilyn, and the Space Aliens: Icons on Screen in Nevada by Robin Holabird. It will be on its way to other film and Nevada trivia buffs soon. Next up is Villager by Tom Cox.

What CD, mp3, iTunes, playlist, stream, music, podcast, etc all has your attention right now?
Always up for an episode of the Loremen podcast.

The movie that best describes my life?
No one would greenlight anything that boring.

What is your personal catch phrase, tag line, or signature?
There was a time when my sisters and I began an appalling number of sentences with “actually.” Once this was pointed out to us, we started teasing each other about it, and it dropped out of use pretty quickly. However, it did produce an instant connection with Adam Conover’s version of himself in Adam Ruins Everything years later.

Any random or closing thoughts?
Looking forward to our future projects!







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