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Silver Stage Players Announce New Board of Directors

The Silver Stage Players are happy and excited to announce our new Board of Directors!

          • Chair - Caleb Micheli
          • Vice Chair - Derek Burwell
          • Secretary - Sara Walls
          • Treasurer - Kelsey Rogers
          • Historian - Amber Day
          • Public Relations - Caleb Tapia
          • Member Director - Meghan Micheli
          • Member at Large - Frank Sawyer
          • Member at Large - Laura Cdebaca

            With this fresh new crew of people, be prepared for exciting and fun things coming from SSP!

            Local Theater Group to Hold Virtual Board of Directors Nominations!

The Silver Stage Players will conduct Board of Directors nominations beginning February 28. Nominations for board positions will be conducted online due to COVID-19 restrictions. Board positions include Chairman, Secretary, Membership among others. Find information about online nominations at

Nominations can be made by any SSP member. To be considered a member of SSP, an individual need only have participated in a company meeting, project, or production. A link to the nomination online Google form will be available on February 28 at Nominations will conclude on March 15 at midnight. After this date and time, nominations will no longer be accepted.

Board of Directors elections will take place at Duncan LittleCreek Gallery, Saturday, March 20, from 5:00 until 7:00 PM.

The Silver Stage Players, celebrating its 84th year, is a nonprofit theater company dedicated to providing the finest theater, community service, and educational opportunities to its members and the residents of northeastern Nevada.

Productions throughout Silver Stage's nearly 80-year history include Glengarry Glen Ross, Steel Magnolias, Bard in the Yard, The Little Princess, Pirates of Penzance, The Wizard of Oz, The Land of the Dragon, Much Ado About Nothing and many others.

For more information about the Silver Stage Players, please call (775) 934-3721, e-mail the company at or visit us on the web at







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