Past Shows: The 1950's

Welcome to Silver Stage Players' seasons past. Throughout SSP's storied history countless hundreds of productions have been staged. Captured in these pages are images and words from past years. Over the years the Silver Stage Players have brought you the best of Broadway hits, the cutting edge of literature and new innovations in live stage theater and performances. The decade of the 1950's. Listed are all the seasons in the 1950's. Simply select a season to review all the happenings and accomplishments of that year.

See behind the scenes and in the spotlight. Look hard perhaps you might see a celebrity or maybe a budding star. We will challenge you...we will compel you....and we shall move you. The Silver Stage Players...we ARE the state of the arts!


SSP Children's Theater production of the Pricness and the Pea.

Zachary Volkert and Chelsey Nelson : star in SSP's Children's Theater production of the Pricness and the Pea (2004).

Angel Street
Written by: Patrick Hamilton
Directed by: Unknown

Written by: Mary Chase
Directed by: Unknown

Outward Bound
Written by: Sutton Vane
Directed by: Unknown

Born Yesterday
Written by: Garson Kanin
Directed by: Unknown

Father of the Bride
Written by: Caroline Francke
Directed by: Unknown

The Land of Dreams Operetta
Written by: Alan Gray Campbell
Directed by: Unknown

Written by: George Sklar, Vera Caspary
Directed by: Unknown

Little Black Sambo
Written by: Helen Bannerman
Directed by: Unknown

Oil in the Hills
Written by: Unknown
Directed by: Unknown

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Dear Ruth
Written by: Norman Krasna
Directed by: Unknown

The Night of January 16th
Written by: Ayn Rand
Directed by: Unknown







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