Jarbidge Cast
  • Jarbidge Cast
    The cast of The Last U.S. Mail Stage Robbery takes a moment for a photo following its historic performance during the Jarbidge Centennial in 2009.
  • Quilterscast
    The cast of 2008's production of Quilters directed by Vicki Rossolo and staged at the Great Basin College Theater.
  • Amy Nisbet and Jean Hart
    Former Vice-Chairman Amy Nisbet (right) poses with poet/artist Jean Hart during 2007's Artwork from My Heart performance.
  • Lysbigkiss
    Nicodice (Erika Patrick) lays a kiss on Strymodorus (Scott Roberts) during 2008's production of Aristophanes' Lysistrata directed by Frank L. Sawyer.
  • Bringing It All Back Home
    The Son (Derek Burwell) addresses the audience in 2005's Bringing it All Back Home by Terrance McNally and directed by Frank L. Sawyer.
  • Paul
    Paul Gardner as Count Dracula is up to his old haunts in 2001's Dracula- The Musical? directed by Hugh Rossolo in the GBC Theater.
  • Much Ado About Nothing
    Hero played by Heidi DuSoleil reacts to Derek Burwell as Claudio in 2005's Much Ado About Nothing directed by Frank L. Sawyer.
  • Carol Cast
    1997's SSP production of A Christmas Carol, directed by Robin Simmons, packed the Elko Convention Center during the Festival of Trees.
  • Ggr2007 Castncrew
    The cast and crew of SSP's production of Glengarry Glen Ross takes a moment to pause for a photo. The show was directed by Frank L. Sawyer.
  • Nunsense
    2002's Nunsense directed by Stacey Yurmanovic. From left to right: Robin Eardley, Connie Muir, Donna Nelson, Meghan Wright, Robin Simmons.
  • The Princess and the Pea
    Scott Nisbet tugs on Zachary Volkert in 2004's Summer Childrens Theater Workshop production of The Princess and the Pea directed by Katie Miller.
  • Watchthebarndoor Act1
    Delmo Andreozzi stars as Michael in 2001's Valentine's hit musical I Do! I Do!, directed by Frank L. Sawyer and staged in the GBC Theater.
  • Robin Simmons
    Former SSP Chairman and Life-Member Robin Simmons poses during a 2001 Board of Directors meeting.
  • Lyscurtain
    The cast of 2008's Aristophanes play Lysistrata take curtain call. The play directed by Frank L. Sawyer was held outdoors in the GBC Amphitheater.
  • Erika Zach
    Erika Patrick as the Mom scolds Zach Volkert as Johnny in 2005's Artzilla Artsfest entry Bringing it All Back Home directed by Frank L. Sawyer.
  • Seethis
    What horror awaits these residents of Transylvania in 2001's Dracula- The Musical? directed by Hugh Rossolo.
  • SSP in GBC
    Members of SSP in the cast of 2005's GBC production of The Reluctant Doctor. From left Frank L. Sawyer, John Terry, Don Jones, Gage Smith.
  • Ggr2007 Samnmel
    Sam Brown as Arronow (bottom) and Levene played by Mel Flores (top) busily call potential buyers in 2007's Glengarry Glen Ross directed by Frank L. Sawyer.
  • Amesgettinghotter Act1
    Amy Nisbet as Agnes lights it up in 2001's Valentine's hit musical I Do! I Do!, directed by Frank L. Sawyer
  • Frank Kim
    Frank L. Sawyer as ebeneezer Scrooge cowers at the sight of Kim Meyers as the ghost of Marley in 1997's A Christmas Carol, directed by Robin Simmons.
  • John Libby
    John Terry as the Father sits his daughter Libby Jamiel on his lap in 2005's Artzilla Artsfest entry Bringing it All Back Home directed by Frank L. Sawyer.
  • Heidi John
    Heidu DuSoleil sings to Jesus played by John Patrick Rice in 2003's production of Godspell directed by Hugh Rossolo.
  • Lysattack
    Anthony Piper as the Magistrate is attacked by the women of Greece in 2008's Lysistrata performed in the GBC Ampitheater.
  • Ggr2007 Kenntony
    Kenny Rose as Blake (left) speaks to Williamson played by Anthony Piper (right) during 2007's Glengarry Glen Ross directed by Frank L. Sawyer.
  • Nonoborisnotthat
    2001's Dracula- The Musical? directed by Hugh Rossolo. From left Pragna Bhakta, Stacey Yurmanovic, Delmo Andreozzi, Brian Fehrn, Lori Gilbert, Robin Simmons.
  • Bdickbites
    Josh Brown peers from the foliage at plotting Much Ado About Nothing group from left; Bobbi Jo Roberts, Gage Smith, Daniel DuSoleil, Derek Burwell, Sam Brown.
  • Paul Robin
    The Count (Paul Gardner) sinks his fangs into a willing Mina played by Robin Simmons in 2001's Dracula- The Musical? directed by Hugh Rossolo.
  • Stoning
    A chorus member of the 2003 production of Godspell's cast cowers in fear of stoning in the production directed by Hugh Rossolo.
  • Scott Roberts
    SSP Board of Directors member Scott Roberts shares a tender moment with the audience during 2007's Jean Hart- Artwork from My Heart.
  • TechNmusicians3
    The musicians and technical staff of 2001's Valentine's hit musical I Do! I Do!, directed by Frank L. Sawyer, pose for the camera.
  • Writhing
    Members of the 2003 production of Godspell, directed by Hugh Rossolo, writhe on the stage. From left; Brittani Kail, Bill Wolford, Amy Nisbet, Courtney Welch.
  • Ggr2007 Melntony
    Mel Flores as Levene (left) and Anthony Piper as Williamson discuss business over drinks in 2007's Glengarry Glen Ross directed by Frank L. Sawyer.
  • Theinn
    Knight errantry in 2006's The Man of LaMancha directed by Katie Miller. From left, Donna Nelson, Daniel DuSoleil, Steve Volkert and Joshua Brown.
  • Funeral
    Claudio (Derek Burwell kneeling) mourns the 'death' of Hero (Heidi DuSoleil) as Sam Brown and Bobbi Jo Roberts look on in 2005's Much Ado About Nothing.
  • Tony Piper
    SSP Board of Directors member Tony Piper breathes life into Jean Hart's words during 2007's Jean Hart- Artwork from My Heart performance.
  • Emperorsnewclothescast
    A goofy curtain call photo of the 1998 Summer Children's Workshop production of My Emperor's New Clothes directed by Stacey Yurmanovic.
  • Timngreg Photo
    Greg Martin as Kent (left) scares Tim DeBisschop as talk show host Barry Champlain in 1998's Eric Bogosian's play Talk Radio directed by Frank L. Sawyer.
  • Kimindisbelief
    Tim DeBisschop as Jerry (on floor) amuses Peter played by Kim Meyers in 1999's Edward Albee play The Zoo Story directed by Frank L. Sawyer.
  • Tomsawyerssaturday
    David Morris of 2001's Tom Sawyer's Saturday. The Frank L. Sawyer directed piece was a narrative backed by music performed by the Ruby Mountain Symphony.
  • Paper Photo
    Members of the live audience radio simulcast of War of the Worlds directed by Frank L. Sawyer and Dave Fox perform the Mercury Theaters classic radio play.
  • Sharron Hughes
    SSP member Sharron Hughes puts words to Jean Hart's images during 2007's Jean Hart- Artwork from My Heart performance.
  • Curtain
    The cast takes a bow during curtain-call for 2005's production of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing directed by Frank L. Sawyer

Jarbidge Cast

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Celebrating its 78th year and Season 2014: Life, One Play at a Time, the Silver Stage Players is dedicated to providing the finest theater, community service and educational opportunities to its members and the residents of northeastern Nevada. Its history is one of creativity and thought provoking theater. The company has challenged audiences, pushed the envelope of live theater and attracted the area's most talented actors, designers and directors since the 1930s.

From Broadway musicals to the cutting edge of literature, to radio theater the local group has continued a pursuit of offering the finest theater in the area. We are the state of the arts, the community theater of Elko, Nevada. Recent productions include Bard in the Yard II - The Battle of the Sexes, Clue, Death of a Doornail, Bard in the Yard I, Glengarry Glen Ross, Lysistrata, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Peter Pan and Scrooge Makes Up.

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View a mention about SSP's 1963 production of Our Town in the November 9, 2013 Elko Daily Free Press Rewrite, a look back in local history column. View the article here!

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Silver Stage Players Mentioned in Latest Edition of the Great Basin College Alumni Association Magazine!

Looky looky! See who is featured in text and photos in the latest version of the Great Basin College Alumni magazine...that's right, Silver Stage Players. Several photos from our SSP-GBC joint, The Pirates of Penzance are prominently displayed and the company is also mentioned several times in the article, including Blue Yeti! Though the article sites us opening the space in 1996 with The Odd Couple (female version), that was actually our third show in the theatre. We opened the space in a grand opening ceremony with 1995's Damn Yankees directed by Vicki Rossolo. Continuing the 1995-96 season, more shows followed including the directing debut of Penny Urriola with Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians, and then Neil Simon's revised classic marking the Elko directorial debuts of David Seymour and Frank L. Sawyer!

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Silver Stage Players Staging Steel Magnolias!

Silver Stage Players will be putting up Steel Magnolias September 25th-27th and October 3rd-4th. Shows will be conducted at the Northeastern Nevada Museum Theatre and will begin at 7 PM. General admissions tickets are $15. Doors open at 6:30 PM.The play is a comedy–drama about the bond among a group of "Southern" women in northwest Louisiana. Written by Robert Harling, Magnolias is based on his experience with his sister's death. The title suggests the "female characters are as delicate as magnolias but as tough as steel".This SSP offering is directed by Andrea Hill. For more information please call 340-2012!

Follow all the Magnolias news by checking out the show FB page by clicking here!

Bard in the Yard III Theme Announced

Executive Writer John Wright and Director Frank L. Sawyer are pleased to announce the theme for next summer's third installment of the extremely popular and successful Shakespeare project, Bard in the Yard. Bard in the Yard III is scheduled for a summer 2015 show run. Stay tuned throughout the year for more info about BITY III!

BITY III: Beyond the Veil

Join us on a journey of the macabre and the mischievous, the weird and the whimsical as we explore what lies beyond the tapestry of human knowledge and existence. Is there more to life than just us? How can we possibly predict what will happen when the worlds of the supernatural and humankind intersect?

Players Announce Official Nevada150 Commission Sesquicentennial "Signature Event" Production of Beth Fine's The Last U.S. Mail Stage Robber!

Happy Birthday Nevada! Join SSP as they help celebrate the Silver State's 150th birthday with their production of Beth Fine's The Last U.S.Mail Stage Robbery: A Mellerdrammer of Truth & Fiction. Silver Stage Players continue their Season 2014: Life, One Play at a Time with the staging of this classic melodrama inspired by Helen Wilson’s account of the last documented mail stagecoach robbery in the West in her book Goldfever. A seminal moment in Nevada history, this tongue-in-cheek comedy has all the classic components of a family friendly melodrama including evil landlords, fortune tellers, gun fighters, damsels in distress, and a rootin; tooin' good ole western time. Our production is directed by Frank L. Sawyer and Erika J. Patrick.

The first major gold discovery was made on August 19, 1909. By the end of 1911, Jarbidge had a population of 1,200 people, a Community Hall, new school, improved road, a variety of businesses, and telephone service. Jarbidge is also the location of the last stagecoach robbery in the U.S. It happened on the night of December 5, 1916. Fred Searcy was found dead by his freight wagon with mail and $3,000 missing. The sheriff from Elko, Joe Harris, followed a trail of blood and dog tracks. The dog was found and led them to a bundle containing a black overcoat which some had seen Ben Kuhl wearing. Kuhl was arrested, tried, and convicted. Jarbidge not only had a "last", it also had a "first" in this case. Kuhl had left a bloody palm print on a discarded letter at the site of the murder. This was the first time a palm or fingerprint had ever been admitted as evidence in a court trial in the world.

Join us and celebrate Nevada's 150th birthday!

Players Partner with the Nevada150 Commission for Sesquicentennial "Signature Event"!NV150 logo graphic

It is official! SSP's production of Beth Fine's The Last U.S. Mail Stage Robbery - A Mellerdrammer of Truth and Fiction has been accepted by the state of Nevada's Nevada150 Commission and is now a partner of our event. We have been honored with the distinction of being a "Signature Event" for Nevada's Sesquicentennial. Check out the calendar link here and under October Events:

We are now part of the state's official Sesquicentennial celebration! Battle Born - Nevada Proud!

We Want to Hear from YOU!

We want to gather information from our wonderful patrons and patrons of live-theater in general, about ticket prices for local performances. We wish to determine what people would like to see for ticket prices, of various types, for local live-stage theater performances and how often they attend such events. We are always constantly looking for feedback and how to best serve our theater-goers. And that's why we want to hear from you! If you can please take a few minutes to fill out the survey it would be greatly appreciated. Please only respond to the survey once. Thanks for all your help!

Please take our survey by clicking here!

Coming up from SSP...

  • On August 30th we are going to go through the storage units with cast members from The US Mail Stage Robbery. Whatever items we are wanting to get rid of we can see about selling them at a yard sale or what not. We will be meeting at the SSP storage units from 2 until 4 PM 1/2 block east of 12th Street on Silver Street. If you needdirections, ask a BOD member! See ya there!

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Bard in the Yard II - The Battle of the Sexes (2013): Derek Burwell as Robin 'Puck' Goodfellow.

Bard in the Yard II

In this month in Theater History, John Guare's FOUR BABOONS ADORING THE SUN opens at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre, New York in March of 1992.

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